Denis Pavlov

Welcome to my personal web page. My name is Denis Pavlov and my business is software.

More specifically I design and build enterprise scale systems, overseeing their full development cycle, specialising in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and E-commerce solutions.


Work Experience

I started my career in 2004. During these years I have worked for many companies scattered across the world. I was involved in large scale development projects in manufacturing and resource planning, logistics, social media, marketing, e-commerce and publishing.

Some of the major projects were:

  • Univillage
  • Vancouver 2010 Olympic Store
  • ElasticPath v 6.0.1 E-Commerce platform
  • ProQuest Research Platform
  • Mothercare multichannel e-commerce
  • De Bijenkorf e-commerce

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I am quite diverse in my skill set but consider java as my primary skill.

I am knowledgeable in various java frameworks although give preference to core java SDK. My preferred frameworks are Spring, Hibernate and Lucene. During my career I had extensive exposure to XML processing, image manipulation, generation of PDF/Excel/Word documents, various web frameworks and reporting tools, as well as some advanced ERP and E-commerce enterprise platforms.

I am fond of web technologies. With HTML5+CSS3 responsive design emergence this field is particularly attractive foundation for user interface. Having said that I admire flex4 as this framework allows to build complex, rich interface remote applications virtually in no time.

I take pride in what I do and in my world you can only be proud of something that is no less than perfect. That is why I am big fan of test driven development (TDD) and extreme programming (XP) ensuring that whatever I deliver is robust and 100% functional.

However I am not locked in on these technologies and always keep an eye out on current trends. IT world is very dynamic and many new cool things emerge every day.

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I hold Master of Computer Science with Distinction from University of Hertfordshire (Hatfield, UK) and Combined Honours Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Business Administration with Honours from Aston University (Birmingham, UK).

My thesis for MSc was on Complex Event Processing (CEP), which involved construction of fully functional CEP system that is available here.

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Open Source

IT world thrives on open source initiatives. In fact most of the projects that I have been involved in were mostly open source driven. Even large scale commercial enterprise platforms cannot live without open source libraries.

If I use these libraries I believe I am obliged to give something back to the community and that is why over the years I have created a number of own open source projects:

  • YesCart e-commerce platform
  • GeDA generic DTO assembler
  • iMolecule iMol files graphic renderer
... and made contributions to many other projects.

I am saying this not to show off but to encourage the reader to do the same.


During my career I have passed various certification programmes. To be honest I do not believe in certifications but for those who do I am a certified:

  • Java SDK Programmer
  • SCRUM Master
  • Demandware developer
  • Intershop developer

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Contact Information

Best way to contact me directly would be through online feedback form on

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You can also find me on: